Microprocessor controllers SYMAP®

SYMAP® - a family of microprocessor-based controllers, panel type (IPC) to ensure control and protection functions in low-voltage to medium and high-voltage power plants. Due to its integrated security features and capabilities of the user interface, the device is an efficient and cost-effective solution for all types of general industrial and marine power systems.

Various modifications SYMAP® completely provide the function of the relay protection and automatics (RPA) in accordance with IEC and ANSI standards for generator plants, large synchronous and asynchronous motors, transformers, power lines and distribution systems.

One SYMAP® controller can manage up to five power switches of the power system, providing independent synchronization of the three devices, and all the display functions of control and locking. Integrated PLC SYMAP® allows individual configuration management functions. To increase flexibility and selectivity in the device operation it is possible to use both discrete and analogue inputs and outputs for connection to a control object SYMAP®.

For communication between SYMAP® central control system and devices can be used a number of standard serial interfaces with different types of protocols (CAN-BUS, Modbus, Profibus-DP et al.).

Several modifications SYMAP® provide energy management (EM) in parallel operation to 14 autonomous electric power plant (NPP) of different capacities and in parallel operation with a network function including symmetric and asymmetric distribution of the active and reactive power components, the frequency stabilizing control reserves

Modification of the IPC SYMAP® family:
Technical hakarteristiki
Food 12-36 V DC; 36-72V DC; AC 60-230 V DC 80-300 или
Food 12-36 V DC; 36-72V DC; AC 60-230 V DC 80-300 или
Food 12-36 V DC; 36-72V DC; AC 60-230 V DC 80-300 или
Food 12-36 V DC; 36-72V DC; AC 60-230 V DC 80-300 или

Very promising, and the best solution, in terms of the criteria of price and quality, is the use of SYMAP® Y series as RZA devices at the hardware of high to medium and low voltage input cells (SYMAP®-G), the off-line cells (SYMAP®-F), and transformer substations (SYMAP®-T) and the autonomous power (SYMAP®-ESG). For the automation and protection of marine electric power plants the best solution at this point is the use of SYMAP®-ESG device.

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